Friday, January 20, 2012

The Proof is in the Pictures

Today's post is a hodge podge of things. Sometimes I have ideas for posts that never make it to the page. Or I have pictures I want to share but I can't think of enough to write about it so I don't post them. Well today I am declaring to be 'Freestyle Friday' so I can share these random pics and ideas.
Here we go...

My boys are all country. See above for proof.

My little guy is super cute (when he isn't being a royal toothead). See above for proof.
My Hubby is a great Dad who would carry our boys on his back if needed. See above for proof.

Their bond can take my breath away sometimes. See above for proof.

My big guy can build some pretty amazing Lego houses. See above for proof.

Happy 'Freestyle Friday'! 

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